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Train around pain, not through it.

Our Head Coach Jerome shares his own experiences and insights into managing injuries while pursuing what he loves. I love lifting weights and challenging myself in the gym, and have had competitive pursuits in both CrossFit, a strength and conditioning sport, and Powerlifting, a barbell strength sport. I’ve put a lot of mental and physical…

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The Journey IS the Reward

‘A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’ We’ve got this saying by Bruce Lee written on the front of our journals at The Fit Project — ‘A goal is not always meant to be reached; it often serves simply as something to aim at’. Or you may have heard it phrased this way: ‘Life is…

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Your self-worth, dignity, personality, health, beauty and general well being is not a number on a machine. A bit over ten years ago I was numbers obsessed. I was training regularly (see two times a day) at a well known bodybuilding gym in Melbourne and would track nearly everything. Macros, micros, hamstring curl machine weights,…

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Running with(out) Pain

Hi Tribe, we’ve been busy at TFP HQ; upgrading your space with better equipment, punching out classes to get you the results you want and also developing some killer programming. We’ve also been busy getting things like TFP Run Club up and running and other activities! If you’re like us and love running, but sometimes…

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Why not ask more out of your Group Training?

Coach Jerome reflects on the history of Small Group Training, its merits, different varieties and setting YOUR intention with training. Group training has been an integral part of the fitness industry since it’s big boom in the ’70’s. We’ve gone from Jazzercise and colourful Aerobics classes to simple strength and conditioning in parks and garages.…

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Nutrition Consultant Elissa answers your questions on sourcing different forms of protein. For anyone training with resistance or conducting long, intense training sessions – protein is not only essential but it can mean all the difference to things like your body composition, recovery and strength. Protein intake for everyone who trains and trains hard can…

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Nutrition Consultant Elissa answers common FAQs on workout meals. The most common questions relating to nutrition and training are often about the meal before and after. – What do you eat pre-workout? – Should you even eat pre-workout? – How much? – How soon before? – What about after? The good new is, that for…

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The Importance of Tracking Training

Strength and Conditioning Coach Jerome shares his insights into the importance of tracking your training. I want to start with a pretty simple statement that should set the tone for the rest of this post: If you are not keeping some sort of written account of your training, you are NOT maximising the potential benefit…

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