Are you interested in Spartan Obstacle Races?

The Fit Project Ultimate Spartan Transformation Challenge is a proven 6-Week program that is designed for you to excel in your fitness in 2020.

Time to commit. Time to transform. Time to Spartan UP.

  • Weekly Physical and Mindset Spartan Training

  • Workouts that can be completed ANYWHERE

  • Connect with other Spartans in Melbourne's inner north

  • Dial-in your nutrition with our Spartan Transformation recipe guide

  • Become fitter, faster and stronger

  • Entry to your NEXT Spartan event

  • Take your fitness and health to the next level in 2020!

For everyday humans looking to level up

If you are ready to commit to REAL change

The time to start is now

Real results
Real people

What we do:

Are you over being another cog in the machine? Have you tried other 'transformation' packages before and are now back to where you started?
Are you ready to transform not only your body, but entire life?
If this sounds like you then you are welcome to apply for our phalanx of Ultimate Spartans and transform YOUR life from the inside out.

Our Ethos:

I will always place the mission first - what is your mission?
I will never accept defeat - what will you accept?
I will never quit - why have you started?
I will never leave a fellow Spartan - what are you willing to sacrifice?

Probably the biggest takeaway…is the relationship that I have with the other team members. I feel because of the hard tasks that we have undertaken and overcome that we are a very tight-knit unit. The second biggest takeaway from the UST is the knowledge that no matter the task I can overcome it if I put the time and effort into it and that I have a very strong mind that doesn't give up easily.

- Adrian

With Roy's help, I was able to keep training through a significant injury and successfully rehabilitate from it. I'm stronger, fitter and healthier than I've ever been, and seeing more progress in my body (muscle going on, fat coming off!) than at any other time in my life.

- Aram

I've been training with Roy for some time, besides the 30kgs in weight loss, its shown me that there's more to fitness then curling a dumbbell. It's about pushing yourself outside your comfort zone and training with people that become family and you can count on to help you through the tough sessions, obstacles in life and during a spartan race.

- Andrew