Running with(out) Pain

Hi Tribe, we’ve been busy at TFP HQ; upgrading your space with better equipment, punching out classes to get you the results you want and also developing some killer programming. We’ve also been busy getting things like TFP Run Club up and running and other activities!

If you’re like us and love running, but sometimes are experiencing joint pain particularly around the knees, then this is right up your alley. When you can identify the actual cause of your knee pain, it’s easy to fix and you can enjoy the feeling of running pain-free for as long as you want. Unfortunately, we see many runners that have been putting up with knee pain for way too long.  They have either been trying to figure it out themselves or seeing another health professional who doesn’t understand the biomechanics of running.

then check out our resident Sports Physio and legend Liam’s recent post on runners with knee pain. Liam also recently featured on our podcast with some amazing insights into the biomechanics of running. You can check both out in the links below.

‘No pain, no gain’ doesn’t really make a lot of sense. Running with pain is something most of us would’ve experienced at some point after strapping on a pair of trainers and hitting the track. The thing is you don’t have to run with pain. Check out the information below and get back on track with your running goals!

Stay safe, stay strong.

Team TFP

iTunes Show with ‘the running physio’ Liam Crowley 


Premier Sports & Spinal Medicine – ‘ The four causes of knee pain in runners’ – Liam Crowley