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ROY @spartanroy

Founder and Director

Founder and director of The fit Project, Roy is a Spartan Athlete and Coach who wants to effect real change and transformation in the people he meets.

He has represented Australia internationally in OCR, likes to meditate under a Barbell and enjoys running with his two dogs.


DAN @danteafitness


Dan started his fitness journey 6 years ago in the many local calisthenic parks across Melbourne. After meeting many exercise enthusiasts from across the world, attending Calisthenics workshops with the likes of Daniel Vandal from Fitness FAQS, and while relentlessly researching the net for the safest and most effective exercise techniques, Dan brings a wealth of knowledge you can implement in your development.


JO @josertori_

Yoga Teacher

Jo has been practicing yoga for five years, she started with traditional Ashtanga yoga but fell in love with yoga when she found Vinyasa flow. 

Working in emergency services Jo loves both the yin and yang elements of Yoga, especially how the physical practice (asana) has the ability to reset, restore and invite balance into both our body and our mind.



Studio Manager

Victoria is a strength and conditioning coach with a background in CrossFit. She has a passion for women's health, and seeks to empower them through building mental and physical strength. During her free time you will find her hanging off the rigs practicing gymnastics or beating her partner in Spartan races.


MARK @mountfer

Yoga Teacher

Mark prides himself on providing a non-intimidating atmosphere making yoga accessible to all, particularly the non-flexible. His classes are light-hearted but deceitfully challenging. There is always time to have a smile thrown around the room. Thanks to his own yoga practice, Mark has broken his cycle of repetitive shoulder injuries.



Yoga Teacher

Katie found yoga when looking for ways to manage stress and achieve a work-life balance. Her practice quickly became a major part of her life and she went on to complete both her yin yoga and vinyasa teacher training certificates. Katie’s teaching style incorporates stabilising movements, anatomical alignment and dynamic yoga sequences. Her classes are created in a playful manner inviting the opportunity to strengthen the body whilst invigorating the mind. 

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